ROM Hacks
ROM Hacks are modifications to console video games made using various hacking tools or programs.
In order to play them, you need emulation software, the same as needed to play console ROMs.

I have made two hacks so far:
Super Mario Bros. (NES)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)

Eric Mario Bros.

This game is a complete rework of the original Super Mario Bros.
This game is slightly more challenging than the original.
Click Here to Download Eric Mario Bros.
Known Bugs:
The level numbers are glitched in certain levels. This does not affect the gameplay.
In world 7-1, there is a moving platform that approaches the flag.
When hitting the flag, make sure you do not land on the moving platform
when you slide down the pole. This will freeze the game.

Legend of Zelda- Nightmare Mode

This game is an EXTREMELY difficult modification of Zelda 3: A link to the past for SNES.
This game is extremely challenging and is not recommended for people who do not like frustrating games.
There are several known glitches, and this rom may not work with certain emulators.
It definitely runs on ZNES.
Click Here to Download Legend of Zelda- Nightmare Mode.